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Why choose us?

Competitive Price

You’ll get a competitive price after communicate with us by email,telephone,message or Skype etc.The price will be different even if use same kind of material and package.It depends on you are a wholesaler,retailer,brand operator or distributor.Your market and clients decide the price finally.We’re pleased to work with you to find a solution.

Positive Attitude and Honesty

A lot of customers worry about the attitude of Chinese supplier. Especially when there’s a complaint such as shipment delay or quality problem issued by final cunsumers.Usually the suppliers refuse to deal with these kinds of complaint.Ystar underwear company aim to creat value for customer and build long-term relationship during the process.So we have highly integrity to settle any problems posed by our clients to make a win-win business.No matter it’s on bulk production or already shipped to customers.

15+ year's experience manufacturer

Leader Industry established in 2001 and Located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, this area is a large-scale production base for polyresin and metal crafts. We export  more than 16,000,000 pieces of Christmas, seasonal and garden polyresin and metal decorations to the USA, Europe ,Australia and ect.., with a yearly export volume exceeding USD5000,000.

Professional Salesman

Do you have troubles in communication with factory?You need to worry all the time because they seems not understand with you very clearly.The salesman in Leader are good at English and familiar with the process of foreign trade,especially we are professional at Polyresin&Metal decoration items.
We know what you wants and how to meet your request.You’ll always get professional suggestions when confuse and all your questions will be reply promptly within 12hours.

10 Strong R&D Team with Local and Foreign Talents

Our R&D capability is a team made up of 10 sampling specialists, 20 sculptors, and 10 experienced designers. 2000+ new polyresin and Metal crafts are added to our catalog for selection yearly..

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