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Leader Industry is your answer for making a product idea into reality! Our expertise in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) is impressive with over 14 years experience designing, producing and delivering thousands of OEM products. We assist with design specifications and oversee all aspects of product development, testing, and manufacture. Leader Industry has over 20 designers and sculptor of creating your dream item. We specialize in everything from simple custom molded figurine to large garden water fountain. Please contact us with your product specifications or initial ideas (depending on the stage of development you are in) and we will help you to the next step and beyond.

OEM service for sampling procedure:
i) Pls kind provide us your new ideas,concepts and pictures,it will be great if you can send us the designs and artwork.

ii) Designing: If necessary,our designers will make the designs according to your concept and send for your approval.
This step needs from 2 hours to 1 day or more,which depends how complicated the product is.

iii)Clay Model Sculpting: our sculptor will start the clay model after the design is approved,and clay model will be sent and approved by customer.
This step will take around 3 -7 days based on the different size.

iiii) Silicone Moulds Making: Once the clay model is confirmed,we will arrange to make the mould.
This step needs 1-1.5 days

iiiii) White body Casting: Pouring resin and calcium carbonate mixture into the mould,after some rotating and solidification,we can get shaped body
This procedure needs  around 20 minutes for 1 single piece

iiiiii) White Bodies Refining: Grinding bottom to make it even and smooth and Milling away edge and sharp points of the body,washing in order to get rid of dirties adhered on the surface of body,then leave it for drying.
These steps needs one day

iiiiiii)Painting: Mixing the paints and Painting it on the white body
This procedure needs 1 day

iiiiiiii)Accessories Installing: if necessary, Installing accessories like lights?pumps?felts?fiber optic and etc.
This procedure needs from 1 to 30 minutes or so,which depends which accessory should be applied to.

iiiiiiiii) Quality assurance and testing: Quality control tests carried out after sample is ready include dropping testing to ensure the transportation safety?lighting safety?watering test of fountains and waterballs and other tests for the mechanical and electrical components.
Testing needs from 4 hours to 1 or 2 whole days

iiiiiiiiii) Complete and Wonderfull samples are ready and sent out for customer's approval.

If you are interested in OEM service,and want to study more ,we will send you a ppt file for polyresin sample making and production procedure.

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